The National Museum of Art of Romania

The exhibition Moments in History presents several models created by sculptor Dimitrie Paciurea (1873-1932) for major public monuments in Romania. Aimed at celebrating Romania’s (recent) history, they reveal Paciurea’s long-term interest in monumental sculpture.

Many of the sketches made by him show a very particular preoccupation with volume, composition and style. Compared to other contemporary proposals, his visual and plastic solutions illustrate a highly personal approach.

The selection includes sketches and models produced by the artist from 1909 until 1932. It highlights themes that cover major events in Romania’s history. Paciurea favours synthetic plastic formulae bordering somewhere between symbolism and expressionism. They reveal the journey undertook by the artist, the subtlety and expressive force he gained as he matured.

Curator: Monica Enache
Romanian Modern Art Gallery, Graphic Art Rooms
Visiting hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 10.00 – 18.00
Tickets: 15 lei
Free: Every first Wednesday of the month